Consumer Data Right (CDR)
Advisory Service and Monthly News

The Consumer Data Right (CDR) is an economy-wide reform that gives individuals the right to share data between their chosen service providers. It is a significant regulatory change for the energy sector and the broader Australian economy.

CDR aims to promote transparency and competition in the energy industry by enabling consumers to access and share their data with trusted third-party providers. Compliance with the CDR is mandatory for energy retailers with 10,000 electricity residential and small business customers (‘larger retailers’). To meet the 1 November 2023 deadline, it is essential to understand your CDR data holder obligations and are initiating the steps required to ensure compliance.

Our monthly newsletter explores key issues for energy retailers impacted by CDR. You can find the archive of newsletters on this page. We also offer a CDR Advisory Service – to find out how we are helping retailers with this significant change, please contact Hannah Heath.

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