Non-functional requirements in CDR for Energy Retailers

In our latest CDR newsletter, we have taken our experience with CDR in banking to take a closer look at one component of the IT requirements that CDR data holders are subject to: non-functional requirements. 

This includes requirements such as:

  • availability – the CDR solution a retailer adopts must have an availability of 99.5% per month
  • traffic thresholds, under CDR, the solution must be able to support 300 transactions per second across all consumers, and
  • performance: all High Priority calls, Get Accounts Energy, for example, must be responded to within 1000ms

You can read the full newsletter, with all the details here


EGC offers a CDR Advisory Service to assist energy retailers through this process.

Our experienced team is capturing the requirements as they apply to energy retailers and will support retailers in navigating the process of planning, implementing, and going live as CDR data holders.

To find out how we can help you be ready for 1 November 2023, please contact Hannah Heath.

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