CDR obligations for energy retailers where to start
CDR obligations for energy retailers where to start

Energy Retailers: Your CDR obligations and where to start.

Consumer Data Right (CDR) is now live for Energy Retailers.

As CDR is rolled out, it will be mandatory for ‘designated data holders’ to meet rigorous regulatory and privacy obligations and data security requirements. Energy retailers with more than 10,000 electricity small customers are designated data holders in the CDR energy ecosystem. They must be a registered, onboarded and active data holder in the CDR ecosystem by 1 November 2023.

Read our second newsletter to find out what the obligations are and where to start. You can read it here.



EGC offers a CDR Advisory Service to assist energy retailers through this process.

Our experienced team is capturing the requirements as they apply to energy retailers and will support retailers in navigating the process of planning, implementing, and going live as CDR data holders.

To find out how we can help you be ready for 1 November 2023, please contact Hannah Heath.

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